The Beginning

We live. We suffer. We survive. We push forward. LifeFromUpHere is the culmination of living life thru various adversities, some greater than others. While riding the hills of Santa Barbara in early 2014 my friend CJ and I discovered a moment of clarity high above the ocean below.  A place where little else matters other than living life and enjoying the moment.  All of life's imperfections, challenges and adversities seemed to vanish up there.  The pain and suffering to climb such mountains seemed small in comparison to the adversities that we are all faced with. 

In October of 2011 I narrowly survived a catastrophic plane crash which started a series of events that will forever change the course of my life.  It took a while to comprehend that the crash did not change the course of my life, it simply is the course of my life.  Early on in my recovery I realized the importance of visuals and how they helped me move forward both physically and mentally.

My hope is this movement and collection of visuals will help others thru their adversities. Stay tuned as LifeFromUpHere continues to grow!

Happy Days
Kelly Jablonski - Founder